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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

Our leasing agents are available Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Where are your homes located?

New rental homes come onto our listings daily, so be sure to bookmark us and check back regularly. Our homes are located throughout the Tucson metro area.

Do I have to pay to use your services?

We don’t charge to help you find a home, they are all properties under our management.

Do you allow pets in your leasing properties?

Many properties do allow pets. However, the pet policy varies from property to property, depending upon the owner’s terms.

How do I qualify for a Lease?

We use a five-step qualifying process. This includes a credit check, employment verification, current and previous residency verification, public record search and criminal background check. Please also see our rental criteria. Currently we are not accepting any HUD/Section 8 vouchers, but this could change in the future.

My credit is less than perfect. Will I still qualify for the Lease or Lease-Purchase Program?

A credit score of a 550 or above is needed to qualify. If it is under a 550, a co-signer may be required.

Do I have to have a minimum credit score?

Although we will review your credit report, we look at your total financial situation and consider your ability to make your monthly payments.

How long does it take to complete the application process?

We like to keep things fast and simple so we offer a streamlined application process. Once you locate the property you want, the application process typically can be completed within 24-48 hours.

When can I move in?

After the application process is completed, the lease agreement signed, and required payments collected, you are free to move in to your new home. Since you are not applying for a conventional mortgage, there is no long escrow or approval period to wait for. You could be in your new home the same day your application process is completed.

Can you help me select the home that’s right for me and my situation?

Absolutely! We have numerous leasing specialists on staff to take you through the process step by step, answering all your questions and directing you to the rental home that would best suit your situation.

How long does the lease agreement last?

One year.

How much does it cost to move into a rental home?

The down payment amounts vary from house to house. You will also need to pay your first month’s rent.

Do you have restrictions on the source of the funds used for my down payment?

No, your down payment can come from a variety of sources.

What’s the best way to see the homes you have available?

You’re already here! You can search based on selected criteria, such as location and price range. Each listing includes a photograph of the property, property address, monthly payment and a detailed description.

How can I see the homes I’m interested in?

Each listing includes a street address so you can drive by and see the outside of the home and get a feel for the general neighborhood. However, to get inside you will need to get in touch with us and make an appointment to view the property. Make a list of the homes that match your selection criteria and call our office; a leasing specialist will take it from there.

Can I make improvements to the home?

Major improvements will require the permission of the owner.

I found a home I like, but I’m not able to move in for a few months?

The only way to secure the home you choose is to complete the leasing application process and begin lease payments. But since we typically have hundreds of houses available, it is highly likely that you will find another suitable home when you’re ready to move in. We update our rental home listings daily, so check our website regularly.